Easy Banoffee Pie

Take a bite of this pie, letting the crust crumbling underneath your fork and taste the thick, creamy caramel, set below bananas topped with a smooth layer of fresh whipped cream. You’ll go straight back to childhood with nostalgic, comforting flavours.
Easy Banoffee Pie | katyskitchen.ca
I was taught how to make this pie by my distant English relative who warmly welcomed me into her home when I was a lonely 19 year-old backpacker on the tail-end of a five-month Euro-trip. Pat brushed if off as if it was no work (it isn’t, really) and nothing to write home about, but write home I did. Maybe it was because I was running out of money at that point, and every crumb of free food tasted gourmet, but I truly think it’s due to classic flavours, easy preparation, and cheap ingredients.

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Cranberry Tartlets

Cranberry Tartlets | Katy's Kitchen
When asking about friends’ holidays come January, you’ll be hard pressed to hear a different answer besides “busy busy busy.” Most do enjoy the holiday season, but it does come with endless amounts of socializing, shopping, drinking, organizing, playing board games, eating…the list goes on.

If you have a big Christmas dinner planned, it’s best to look for as many shortcuts as possible so you can have a relaxing holiday with family and friends. These cranberry tartlets are the ultimate in shortcut desserts.
Cranberry Tartlets | Katy's Kitchen
Using store-bought tartlet shells skips the often finicky step of making your own pie pastry. All you need to do is whip up a quick cranberry sauce similar to what you made for Thanksgiving (a little sweeter, of course), pop it in the tartlet crusts, and bake. It’s that easy.
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