Prepare A To-Die-For Grilled Hummus & Caramelized Onion Sandwich

When someone mentions grilled sandwich, the first thing that pops our mind is cheese melting from each side of the bread and looking so juicy and sinful. Other things that are common “guests” of the grilled sandwich as we know it are bell peppers, grilled chicken, and tomato. However, if you want to shake things up a bit and make this type of comfort food more interesting, you can try out this grilled hummus and caramelized onion recipe.

This will also make your recipe adequate for vegetarians and vegans. In this article, we’ll talk about how hummus and caramelized onion are contributing to this meal with nutritional profile and taste, and also give you the recipe for this fantastic sandwich.

Top Reasons Why You Should Include Hummus In More Dishes

Grilled Hummus & Caramelized Onion Sandwich

Hummus is a popular mixture of chickpeas, salt, lemon juice, olive oil, and sometimes, extras like pumpkin seeds, basil or chili peppers. This savory dip is much more than something to go with your tacos. Because it is very rich in protein, hummus can balance blood sugar levels and fight hunger cravings.

It also boosts your energy, lowers your cholesterol and contributes to fiber intake, which is essential for good health. It is also believed that chickpeas can reduce the risk of cancer. Finally, hummus is so easy to prepare on your own, that you don’t even have to go to the grocery store to buy one.

How To Make Hummus At Home?

Grilled Hummus & Caramelized Onion Sandwich

First of all, you should know that there are different ways to make hummus and different ingredients that can be used for the final version. What’s in common for all of them are the chickpeas. There is no other legume that could give this dip the incredible creaminess it is famous for. If you want to make hummus from scratch, you can buy fresh chickpeas and cook them by yourself, but you can also buy canned chickpeas which are surprisingly good and quick to prepare.

If you love hummus with more texture, you should leave the chickpeas as they are, but for extra smoothness, you should take your time to peel off the skin out of each chickpea. Tahini is an ingredient that is not easily found in everyone’s pantry, but it does contribute to your dip with earthy and slightly bitter taste. Here is one simple version of DIY hummus, but you can change and adapt the ingredients and methods according to your will and possibilities.


● 1 can chickpeas or 2 cups chickpeas cooked and drained
● 3 tablespoons tahini
● 3 tablespoons olive oil
● 1 ½ tablespoon lemon juice
● 1 teaspoon salt
● 1 clove of garlic, chopped
● ½ teaspoon ground black pepper


1. Drain the chickpeas and rinse under cool running water. This is the moment when you can decide to peel the skin off the chickpeas.
2. Combine the ingredients in the food processor or blender.
3. Blend for about two minutes, until smooth.
4. Taste and add more seasoning if needed. You can include more lemon juice to make it creamier, but also pesto, ground red pepper, cayenne, etc.
5. Serve.

Why Is Caramelized Onion Great Addition To Your Sandwich?

Grilled Hummus & Caramelized Onion Sandwich

Few things can add such a distinct flavor to your dish as caramelized onions. It is especially great for sandwiches because it is sweet, savory and tender, and it turns your meal from an ordinary grilled sandwich into something deliciously gourmet.

When it comes to caramelizing onions, you can find a variety of different recipes telling you how and how long it takes to prep them, so it is no wonder you are confused. We’ll treat you with a recipe which will provide you with the best taste and texture, and you can decide for yourself whether you will take the shortcut, or do it the right way.


● 3 or 4 big onions
● A pat of butter
● Wine or balsamic vinegar (optional)


1. Chop the onions (yellow or purple).
2. Grab a large pan and put the butter to melt.
3. Set the burner over medium heat.
4. Allow cooking really slowly.
5. Stir every five to ten minutes.
6. The caramelizing usually lasts about one hour.
7. For the end, you can pour some balsamic vinegar, red/white wine or a pinch of brown sugar.

Grilled Hummus & Caramelized Onion Sandwich Recipe

Grilled Hummus & Caramelized Onion Sandwich

As you see, all of the component of the sandwich you are about to fall in love with is pretty easy to make (you can even make the bread if you’re up for it). One more time, it is significant to mention that this is a great thing to serve to vegans, because it doesn’t contain any of the rubbery, flavorless vegan cheeses, and it is as tasty as it gets.

The only thing that requires some time to be made here is the onions. But if you budget your time well, everything will be OK. Also, since caramelized onions are frequent additions to many dishes, you can prepare large amounts of this dish and store in the fridge for a couple of days. The rest of the recipe is effortless and requires just a portion of your time.

In fact, prep time for one serving is only about five minutes, and if we don’t measure the time needed to make the hummus and caramelize the onions, cook time is about two to three minutes.


● 1 caramelized yellow or purple onion
● 2 slices whole grain bread
● 1 to 2 tablespoon of butter (preferably ghee because it is healthier) for frying
● 2 tablespoon hummus
● A pinch of garam masala for adding some depth to the sandwich.


1. Spread both slices of the whole grain bread with a thin layer of hummus. Sprinkle some garam masala over it. Add the onions to one slice and close the sandwich.
2. Put the ghee in the skillet and set the burner over medium-high heat.
3. Place the sandwich on the skillet and fry until it gets a golden color and it becomes nice and crispy (about one minute on each side).
4. Serve right away.

Final Word

This is a perfectly satisfying sandwich that provides you with almost all the benefits of the traditional grilled sandwich, minus the melted cheese and the pressure to wear stretchy pants instead of your favorite skinny jeans.

As you have already seen, it is effortless to prepare, even if you are starting from scratch with all the components. This way it is even more rewarding. So, give it a taste, and let us know what do you think.

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