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Quench Your Thirst: Savory Vegan Summer Drinks for Refreshment

Stay hydrated and refreshed this summer with a variety of savory vegan drinks. Whether you’re looking for fruity mocktails, creamy milkshakes, or energizing juices, we’ve got you covered. Check out these delicious vegan summer drink recipes that will keep you cool and satisfied all season long.

Sip-Size Highlights:

  • Explore a wide range of vegan summer drink options to quench your thirst and stay refreshed.
  • Enjoy refreshing fruit-filled drinks like homemade vegan smoothies, fruity mocktails, and chilled vegan milkshakes.
  • Stay hydrated with hydrating and delicious beverages such as ice-cold vegan lemonades, hydrating vegan iced teas, and delicious vegan slushies.
  • Discover vegan-friendly summer drinks at Starbucks, including cold brews, iced lattes, and flavored drinks.
  • Try making your own vegan summer drinks at home with easy and delicious DIY recipes.

Refreshing Fruit-Filled Drinks

When it comes to staying cool and hydrated during the summer months, refreshing fruit-filled drinks are a must. Whether you’re looking to blend up homemade vegan smoothies, enjoy fruity mocktails without the alcohol, or indulge in chilled vegan milkshakes, there are plenty of options to satisfy your cravings. These delicious beverages are not only packed with flavor, but they are also a great way to incorporate more fruits into your diet.

Homemade Vegan Smoothies

One of the easiest ways to enjoy a refreshing fruit-filled drink is by making homemade vegan smoothies. Simply combine your favorite fruits, such as strawberries, bananas, or mangoes, with non-dairy milk like almond milk or coconut milk. You can also add a handful of spinach or kale for an extra dose of nutrients. Blend everything together until smooth and creamy, then pour into a glass and enjoy.

Fruity Vegan Mocktails

If you’re looking for a non-alcoholic option that still provides a burst of fruity flavors, try making fruity vegan mocktails. Mix together your choice of fruit juices, such as orange juice, pineapple juice, or cranberry juice, with a splash of sparkling water for some fizz. Garnish with fresh fruit slices or mint leaves for an added touch of freshness. These mocktails are perfect for summer gatherings or simply when you’re in the mood for a fancy drink.

Chilled Vegan Milkshakes

When the temperature rises, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a chilled vegan milkshake. Combine plant-based ice cream with your favorite flavors, such as chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry, and blend until creamy. You can also add some extra indulgence by topping it off with vegan whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate sauce. These milkshakes are a delightful treat that will keep you cool and refreshed.

Homemade Vegan Smoothie– Assorted fruits
– Non-dairy milk
– Optional: spinach or kale
1. Add fruits, non-dairy milk, and optional greens to a blender.
2. Blend until smooth and creamy.
3. Pour into a glass and enjoy.
Fruity Vegan Mocktail– Fruit juices (orange, pineapple, cranberry, etc.)
– Sparkling water
– Fresh fruit slices or mint leaves for garnish
1. Mix together fruit juices and sparkling water in a glass.
2. Stir to combine.
3. Add fresh fruit slices or mint leaves for garnish.
Chilled Vegan Milkshake– Plant-based ice cream (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, etc.)
– Optional toppings: vegan whipped cream, chocolate sauce
1. Scoop plant-based ice cream into a blender.
2. Blend until creamy.
3. Pour into a glass and add optional toppings.

Hydrating and Delicious Beverages

Quench your thirst with a selection of ice-cold vegan lemonades, hydrating vegan iced teas, delicious vegan slushies, and energizing vegan juice recipes. These refreshing beverages are perfect for staying cool and hydrated during the summer months.

Ice-Cold Vegan Lemonades

Beat the heat with a variety of ice-cold vegan lemonades that are infused with fresh flavors. Sip on a rejuvenating strawberry lemonade or a zesty mint lemonade for a burst of summer in every sip. These flavorful and hydrating beverages are the perfect way to stay cool on a hot day.

Hydrating Vegan Iced Teas

Cool off with a range of hydrating vegan iced teas that come in classic flavors as well as unique blends. Enjoy a refreshing glass of peach iced tea or indulge in a tropical hibiscus iced tea. These delicious beverages are a great way to stay hydrated and quench your thirst.

Delicious Vegan Slushies

Indulge in the icy sweetness of vegan slushies made with your favorite fruits and ice. Enjoy a tangy raspberry slushie or savor the tropical flavors of a pineapple coconut slushie. These refreshing treats are not only delicious but also a great way to beat the summer heat.

Energizing Vegan Juice Recipes

Boost your energy levels with a variety of revitalizing vegan juice recipes that are packed with vitamins and nutrients. Start your day with a refreshing green juice or enjoy a tangy orange carrot juice in the afternoon. These refreshing juices are a great way to stay energized and hydrated throughout the day.

Strawberry LemonadeStrawberries, lemon juice, water, sweetener
Mint LemonadeLemons, fresh mint leaves, water, sweetener
Peach Iced TeaPeach tea bags, water, peach slices, sweetener
Hibiscus Iced TeaHibiscus tea bags, water, lemon slices, sweetener
Raspberry SlushieRaspberries, ice, sweetener
Pineapple Coconut SlushiePineapple chunks, coconut milk, ice
Green JuiceKale, cucumber, apple, lemon
Orange Carrot JuiceOranges, carrots, ginger

With these hydrating and delicious vegan beverages, you can enjoy the flavors of summer while staying refreshed and cool. Whether you’re sipping on a fruity vegan lemonade, indulging in a slushie, or boosting your energy with a revitalizing juice, these drinks are sure to satisfy your cravings and keep you hydrated all season long.

Starbucks Vegan Summer Drinks

If you’re looking for vegan summer drinks on the go, Starbucks has got you covered. Starbucks offers a range of vegan-friendly options that have become permanent fixtures on their menu. From cold brews to iced lattes, you can find a refreshing drink that suits your taste buds. Try the popular Nitro Cold Brew or the classic Iced Coffee, both of which can be enjoyed without any dairy products. Explore other vegan summer drinks at Starbucks, including Iced Tea, Iced Latte, and their refreshing line of Pink, Dragon, and Purple Drinks.

Starbucks understands the importance of catering to a wide range of dietary preferences and offers plant-based milk alternatives like soy, almond, and coconut milk for their customers. These dairy-free alternatives ensure that vegans and those with lactose intolerance can still enjoy their favorite summer beverages without compromising on taste or quality. So whether you’re in the mood for a creamy Frappuccino or a refreshing iced tea, you can customize your order to suit your dietary needs.

Starbucks Vegan Summer Drinks Menu

Nitro Cold BrewA smooth and velvety cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen for a creamy texture.
Iced CoffeeCool down with a classic iced coffee, made with your choice of plant-based milk.
Iced TeaStay refreshed with a variety of iced tea flavors, ranging from fruity to herbal.
Iced LatteA perfect combination of espresso and milk, available with dairy-free alternatives.
Pink, Dragon, and Purple DrinksThese vibrant and refreshing fruit-infused beverages are both eye-catching and delicious.

Starbucks is committed to providing a wide range of options for their customers, and their vegan summer drinks are no exception. With their diverse menu and plant-based alternatives, you can enjoy your favorite Starbucks beverages guilt-free. So next time you’re craving a refreshing drink to beat the summer heat, head to your nearest Starbucks and indulge in their delicious vegan options.

DIY Vegan Summer Drink Recipes

Looking for refreshing summer beverages that you can easily make at home? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with a variety of homemade vegan drink recipes that will quench your thirst and keep you cool during the hot summer months.

Get creative in the kitchen with these easy vegan recipes that are not only delicious but also perfect for staying hydrated. Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue or just relaxing by the pool, these homemade drinks will impress your guests and satisfy your own taste buds.

Homemade Vegan Starbucks-Inspired Drinks

homemade vegan drink recipes

If you’re a fan of Starbucks, you’ll love these DIY versions of their popular summer drinks. Skip the long lines and expensive prices by making your own refreshing beverages right at home.

“Making your own vegan Starbucks drinks is not only cost-effective but also allows you to customize the flavors to your liking.”

Love the Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher? Try making your own using hibiscus tea, honey or a vegan sweetener of your choice, and lemonade. It’s the perfect balance of sweet and tangy, perfect for a hot summer day.

If you’re a fan of blueberries, whip up a Blueberry Refresher with orange zest, blueberries, and sparkling water for a refreshing twist. It’s a vibrant and fruity drink that will make you feel like you’re on vacation.

Get creative with the flavors and add your own twist to these Starbucks-inspired vegan drinks. With a little experimentation, you might just discover your new favorite summer beverage.

The Last Sip: Final Thoughts

As summer heats up, it’s time to wrap up our exploration of refreshing vegan summer drinks. From homemade creations to Starbucks options, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. These plant-based beverages offer a tasty way to stay hydrated and quench your thirst.

Whether you prefer fruit-filled concoctions, chilled lemonades, or energizing juices, the world of vegan summer drinks is filled with flavor and variety. With homemade recipes, you can experiment with unique combinations and recreate your favorite Starbucks drinks at home.

So, whether you’re lounging by the pool, hosting a backyard gathering, or simply looking for a cool and flavorful drink, give these vegan summer drinks a try. You can enjoy the taste of summer while knowing that you’re sipping on refreshing beverages made with plant-based ingredients. Cheers to a delicious and sustainable summer!


Are these vegan summer drinks suitable for those following a plant-based diet?

Yes, all the recipes and options mentioned are vegan-friendly and do not contain any animal products.

Can I customize the homemade vegan summer drinks?

Absolutely! Feel free to experiment with different fruits, flavors, and ingredients to create your own unique variations.

Can I find vegan summer drinks at Starbucks?

Yes, Starbucks offers a range of vegan-friendly options including iced coffees, cold brews, iced lattes, and fruit-infused drinks.

Are the homemade vegan drink recipes easy to follow?

Yes, the recipes provided are straightforward and can be easily made at home with common ingredients.

Are these vegan summer drinks suitable for children?

Yes, these drinks are suitable for all ages and can be enjoyed by the whole family. However, make sure to adjust the recipe or check the ingredients for any potential allergens.

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